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Cloud Providers, Compute, Backup & Storage


Cloud Solutions

We have several cloud providers to help you take your business applications to the next level!  If you are seeking a cloud-first strategy, we have cloud experts that will offer free consulting and create the plan for engaging the right partners.

Cloud Compute

The most common cloud-based computing solution is IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).  Whether you desire to build custom, hosted applications or an approach for computing without the hardware, our providers have a variety of pay-as-you-go offers for consideration.

Cloud Storage

The need for storage is continuously growing, as more connectivity and innovation happens, the need for more data grows with it.  We have several providers that provide industry-specific storage solutions for businesses.  Many companies leverage consumer-based storage options and as they expand, these solutions cannot scale.  Our subject-matter experts will help you source the right approach.


Cloud Backup

Our solutions for backup provide a variety of multi-tiered approaches.  Using cloud-based storage will provide daily scheduled syncing of critical data capture, which can be adjusted to meet any industry compliance requirements while not interfering with your daily business workflows.  Usually cloud backup is married with other solutions to assure a stable, long-term plan for your business.  Back up your email data and remain in compliance with industry standards.


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