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Voice Solutions

Hosted VoIP, Unified Communication, CCaaS, SIP Trunking


Hosted VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

There are many providers of Hosted VoIP in the market, and most offer the ability for voice calling over the internet with use across an IP-based VoIP phone, a softphone used on desktops or laptops, and perhaps a Mobile App for accessing calls and transferring across the VoIP platform.
Not all provider solutions are alike and understanding these differences matters!

Solutions may vary in caller features, application continuity, and VoIP phone accessibility, as well as pricing schedules based on each provider.  Some common things to know are as follows:

  • Robust Features

    • add/remove employees with ease​ through hosted PBX dashboard access

    • hunt groups to keep 100% calls answered live and help navigate your business

    • call-recording when required for training agents

    • call-park for employee pickup across any device to help with business continuity 

  • Low Overhead & Equipment​

    • VoIP phone lease options are usually offered for a fractional monthly fee

    • Use existing internet for calling but knowing the QoS of your solution is key

    • No PBX infrastructure requirements make learning and managing much easier

    • Softphone, laptop client, and mobile without desk phone setup offers flexibility over traditional desk set up or organizations with mobile employees.

  • Easily Deployed​

    • VoIP desk phones are "plug & play" with only a source of power (PoE) or direct plug

    • Laptop software client simple download makes adoption easy for employees

    • Application mobile phone simple download gives a secure place to conduct business calls.

  • Device Interoperability​

    • Real-time transfer calls between desk, laptop, and mobile phone​ 

    • No API or 3rd party integration software required for most common applications

    • Most solutions can use existing VoIP phones which cutting costs

  • Scalable and Agile

    • User licenses allow for multiple devices across a single license

    • Pricing per user decreases as the deployment scale increases

    • Relocate desk phone assignments and locations for on-boarding/off-boarding ease

    • Software updates included improving threat protection and compliance standards

UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service)

Welcome to the modern workplace!  UCaaS is how businesses build processes with file sharing, video conferencing, secure messaging, and collaboration in real-time with all remote staff and clients.

  • Video | Audio Conferences

    • Send computer-based links with connection details

    • Record training, team calls, and presentations

    • Interoperate with common email platforms for calendar scheduling

  • Secure Messaging

    • Messaging securely across UCaaS while on customer calls

    • File-sharing for collaboration updates and presentations in real-time

    • Bring external participants into meetings through messaging

    • Professional messaging for business and customer interactions vs texting

  • Organize Groups & Files

    • Build team groups with the file-sharing and interoperating with Sharepoint 


SIP Trunking

This solution is usually added to allow VoIP and UC Collaboration tools, but the main difference is the setup often includes an on-premise PBX being used over hosted PBX for higher-level controls.
The SIP Trunk moves all voice traffic across a data line and provides greater QoS (Quality of Service) for call traffic.  

Contact Center (CCaaS)

Think UCaaS but for your call center.  A CCaaS is a cloud-based solution that offers greater customer experience engagement. A CCaaS model allows businesses to purchase only the technology they need, reducing the need for larger IT resources.  Build your phone groups for incoming calls, record setup, whisper mode for training, and a number of features to make your call center operation a success!

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