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Security Surveillance

Security Solutions

Monitoring, Disaster Recovery, Compliance Audit, DDoS, UTM, Firewall, Pen Testing


Security Monitoring Solutions

Partners in our channel specialize in physical security and monitoring services.  We would assist you with site planning details and the scope of work to properly establish your protected environment.  These services are common for high-risk and sensitive data capturing areas, such as server farms.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

DRaaS allows a business to back up its data and IT infrastructure into a third-party, cloud computing environment and be able to access and regain IT infrastructure functions after a disaster.  Since this is a cloud-based, service-provided solution, businesses do not have to invest in additional infrastructure.

DDoS Mitigation

A DDoS attack (distributed denial-of-service) is an attempt to deny access to functional, business operations by restricting them through some means of malicious intent.  The approach for tackling this challenge is to aggressively locate malicious actors through scrubbing data across network access and backhaul.  This service can help businesses react quickly and prevent unnecessary downtime in this event.

UTM | Managed Firewall

Determining threat activity at the premise of any network will help reduce the severity of damage to infrastructure and lost revenue from downtime.  This method is best handled through hardware at the business, leveraging known threat databases and locating activity that would be classified as a potential threat in order to act and quarantine infected devices from impacting the greater network.  Our partners have services for this and can monitor your health through alerts to their security teams when threats are presented.

Pen Testing | Vulnerability Solutions

Best practice across businesses today is a continuous, annual assessment of their IT Infrastructure and exposure to potential areas of weakness for threat protection policy.  This is known as a penetration test and is conducted by a third-party, outside in-house IT, in order to accurately look into matters with pure objectivity and report findings to leadership.  Along with this approach, it is best practice to change vendors for this testing every 3 years to avoid potential gaps or leverage defined procedures from alternate providers.


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